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The Leader in Stainless Steel ConduitFood and BeverageOur stainless steel conduit, fittings, and applicable accessories are ideal for food and beverage processing applications due to stainless steel’s ability to stand up to the often acidic content of wash-down chemicals commonly used in these environments. Cleaning agents and chemical disinfectants can quickly corrode other equipment, promoting bacterial growth and enabling food contamination. Stainless steel is a safer, more hygienic choice in these applications as it provides resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking, and is easily sterilized to prevent bacterial growth.• There are typically three constants and requirements when working with food or beverage processing work stations and equipment: extremely easy to clean, corrosion and damage resistance, and easy to sanitize. Cleanliness and hygiene are critical in these environments, and stainless steel has proven to have a wide rangeof preferred qualities in comparison to traditional conduit systems used, such as galvanized, aluminum and PVC Coated.• The smooth polished surface of Calbrite's stainless steel conduit and fittings not only promotes cleanliness, but also greatly reduces the risk of corrosion.Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, and Chemical IndustriesStainless steel resists corrosion in aqueous, gaseous and high-temperature environments, maintains its mechanical properties in all temperatures and its long-term value attribute allows for substantial cost savings. In these applications, use of acidic, toxic and flammable chemical combinations can rapidly deteriorate traditional conduit systems.Stainless steel’s corrosion-resistance, weld ability, strength, ductility, fabrication versatility and composition stability can significantly guard against product contamination. It is also important thatthe surfaces of the conduit and fittings are smooth, easy to maintain and clean, to minimize microbial contamination, reduce corrosion and prevent the adherence of particulates to the surfaces of the equipment and product.Broadest Selection.Better Response.Best Performance.Headquartered in Hobart, IN, CalbriteTM is the leading name in stainless steel conduit systems for harshand corrosive environments. We provide the largest stainless steel conduit systems offering in the industry, with over 2,800 SKU's manufactured to strict guidelines set forth by UL and NEMA. Many of our products are ARRA-compliant.Calbrite supports its customers throughout the USA and Canada from three manufacturing and distribution centers in the USA. Calbrite is committed to providing quality products with the shortest lead times, combined with friendly, personal, and reliable service. If youhave a need for a unique product, or need a product converted to stainless steel, we can work with you to develop custom products quickly and at a competitive price.Our quality assurance program complies with industry standards established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), ANSI and NEMA.UL® listings:• Approval file number for stainless steel rigid conduit, nipples, elbows and couplings is E230584 (ANSI / UL 6A / cUL 6A)• Approval file number for stainless steel EMT is E315441 (ANSI / UL 797A / cUL 797A)• Approval file number for stainless steel IMC is E363502 (ANSI / UL 1242A / cUL 1242A)• Approval file number for stainless steel conduit bodies and device boxes is E307133 (ANSI / UL 514A / cUL 514A)• Approval file number for stainless steel locknuts is E308159 (ANSI / UL 514B / cUL 514B)• Approval file number for stainless steel three piece couplings is E472077 (ANSI / UL 514B / cUL 514B)• Approval file number for stainless steel explosion fittings is E468171 (ANSI UL 1203 / CSA C22.2-25 & 30)• Approval file number for stainless steel pulling elbows is E308159 (ANSI UL 514B / CSA C22.2- 18.3-12)• Approval file number for stainless steel grounding bushings is E352416 (ANSI / UL 467, 514B, 486A, 486B / CSA C22.2-41, 18.3, 65-13)The durability, cost-effectiveness, and design flexibility makes Calbrite's stainless steel the preferred choice for a range of applications and

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